Energy ’09

The 2009 Energy Innovation Concept to Company Contest was the fourth C2C competition and was another great success. It took place from July to September 2009. The focus of the contest was on energy innovation from oil & gas to production to clean energy.

Over 50 applicants applied to the contest and of those, seven finalists were chosen. The finalists presented their ideas to a panel of judges on September 18, 2009 at new USU/UBATC Campus in Vernal. After the judges deliberation, the winners were announced later that day at an awards ceremony.

Altus Poles has developed a unique braiding device for the fabrication of fiber-grid pole structures (such as IsoTruss). These pole structures effectively combine the properties of advanced composite fiber/resin systems with grid designs to yield pole structures with extremely high strength-to-weight ratios. The braiding device enhances critical properties of the fiber/resin system while allowing mass production, which previously has not been possible.

Sustainable Energy Solutions-100Sustainable Energy Solutions has developed a unique innovation called the Cryogenic Carbon Capture.  It is a system that reduces C02 emission from stationary sources such as refineries and plants by separating a nearly pure stream of CO2 from power plant gases. In conservative estimates Cryogenic Carbon Capture technology provides a significantly more cost effective and practical solution to carbon capture in today’s market.

Anaerobic Digestive Technologies-100The Biogas Conditioning System, by Anaerobic Digestive Tech, removes corrosive chemical contaminants from biologically produced methane gas streams. Among many uses, this will preserve expensive production machinery from breaking down as a result of these contaminats. The Biogas Conditioning System is available at 1/10th to 1/15th the expense of a system with comparable functionality.

Contest Highlight Video

What They Won


Cash (Grow Utah/ UBEERC): $10K Grand Prize; $5K Each Runner-Up

Consulting Services (USTAR): $10K Grand Prize; $5K Each Runner-Up

IP Legal Services (Workman Nydegger): $7500 Grand Prize; $2500 Each Runner-Up

General Legal Services (Ballard Spahr): $5K Grand Prize; $2500 Each Runner-Up

Financial Services (Advanced CFO): $5K Grand Prize; $2500 Each Runner-Up