Energy ’10

The 2010 “Energy Innovation” Concept to Company Contest was the eighth C2C competition and was a huge success. It took place from June to September 2010. The focus of the contest was on innovations that responsibly produce energy or assist in energy production.

Over 50 well-qualified applicants applied to the contest and of those, seven finalists were chosen. The finalists presented their ideas to a panel of judges on September 22nd at the new Bingham Entrepreneurship & Energy Research Center in Vernal, Utah. After the presentations, the judges started deliberating but had a hard time choosing only three winners. Because of the quality of the applicants, the judges therefore decided to choose four winners instead of only three. At the conclusion of the judging, the four winners were announced but without revealing who the Grand Prize Winner was. Instead, the four winners then presented a summary of their ideas at a special BEERC reception dinner that evening. After the presentations, the Grand Prize Winner was announced and prizes awarded.

Paragon100Paragon has developed a unique electronic pressure testing device for testing pipeline pressure. The device is a stand-alone unit which does not need to be connected to computer. Measurements are displayed on an LCD screen and can also be saved for printing. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————-  

Aaron was chosen as one of the Runners-up in the Energy ’10 Concept to Company contest. His innovation is a linear hydroelectric power generation system that harnesses the power of free flowing rivers and canals for power. The linear design reduces hardware cost and does not require the building of dams. —————————————————————————————————————————————————
MtnWestEnergy100Kevin Shurtleff and Mountain West Energy was chosen as one of the Runners-up in the Energy ’10 Concept to Company contest. Kevin’s innovation is a unique disk evaporator that effectively and safely evaporates dirty production water from oil & gas fields. This significantly reduces environmental impacts and water disposal costs.

Clay Park and Rob Gines were chosen as special recognition runners-up in the Energy ’10 Concept to Company contest. Their innovation is a unique zero pressure casing vessel that encloses vulnerable oil pipeline valves. This casing prevents accidents and oil spills and has access points for testing pressure and safely bleeding excessive pressure. As a last minute winner, their prize amount is unique. Clay and Rob received $2,500 in cash and $5,500 in services to get their idea off the ground.

What They Won


Cash (USU BEERC): $5K Grand Prize; $2,500 Each Runner-Up

IP Legal Services (Workman Nydegger): $7500 Grand Prize; $2500 Each Runner-Up

General Legal Services (Ballard Spahr): $5K Grand Prize; $2500 Each Runner-Up

Financial Services (Advanced CFO): $3K Grand Prize; $1500 Each Runner-Up