General Tech ’10

The 2010 General Technology Concept to Company Contest was the seventh C2C competition and was another great success. It took place from January to April 2010. The focus of the contest was on technology innovation across all fields and industries. The event took place in Southern Utah and was targeted towards that region. A point preference was given to applicants from that region in hopes to draw more entrants from Southern Utah and spur innovation there.

Over 75 applicants applied to the contest and of those, eight finalists were chosen. The finalists presented their ideas to a panel of judges on April 9th at the Taylor Health Sciences Center in St. George. After the judges deliberation, the winners were announced later that day at an awards ceremony.

VehiCALL was the Grand Prize Winner in the General Technology ’10 C2C contest. VehiCALL was developed by Andrew Davis & Seth Wiscombe and is an aftermarket auto upgrade that will allow the consumer to lock or unlock their vehicle from any phone.

Doug Catton’s Walk N Roll was chosen as a runner-up. The Walk N Roll is a new walker for the elderly that incorporates built-in seating technology on the backside. Current walkers have seats built into the walker that require a person to walk around to the front of the walker to sit down which greatly increases the chance of falling. Doug’s design allows the elderly or other persons to sit in their walker without letting go of the handles and thus prevents falling.

3T Technology’s “Smack Dab Laser System” was chosen as one of the runner-up winners in the General Technology C2C contest. The Smack Dab Laser System is a tripod and laser system that can draw specific points from a blueprint onto the ground and thus eliminate the need for measuring. This can be used in construction when a tape measure is not accurate enough and large GPS equipment is too costly.

What They Won


Cash (Anonymous Donor): $10K Grand Prize; $5k Each Runner-Up

Consulting Services (USTAR): $10K Grand Prize; $5k Each Runner-Up

IP Legal Services (Workman Nydegger): $7500 Grand Prize; $2500 Each Runner-Up

General Legal Services (Ballard Spahr): $5K Grand Prize; $2500 Each Runner-Up

Financial Services (Advanced CFO): $5K Grand Prize; $2500 Each Runner-Up